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Melton South, VIC

The full breadth of BildLandscapes’ expertise has been engaged by Lendlease Communities on their Atherstone Estate Master Planned Community. We constructed several of the estate’s subdivisions, a major road bridge over Toolern Creek and Hollingsworth Drive and some $5M of landscaping.

Working closely with our design partners GBLA and Urban Edge, this landscaping work included community parks and playgrounds, streetscapes and a wetlands – all completed on time and collaboratively with other contractors working across the entire estate.

However, it was the award of a 3 year maintenance contract to BildLandscapes by Lendlease Communities that was the ultimate measure of the quality of our work and success in bringing this community to life.




  • Wetlands
  • Stone Walls
  • Playgrounds
  • Maintenance


  • Completed to high quality with exceptional finishes and tidy sites
  • Additional works awarded
  • Ongoing work at Atherstone through value and performance
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