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Melton South, VIC

BildGroup have been partnering with Lendlease at Atherstone Estate since 2014. Atherstone Estate is a master planned community located 35Km’s from CBD, in close proximity to significant infrastructure. BildGroup has had the opportunity to showcase its diversity at Atherstone with our subdivisions, infrastructure, landscaping and asphalting divisions all working on the estate concurrently throughout this development.



March 2016


October 2016







  • Bulk Earthworks (>80,000m³ in heavy rock)
  • Drainage (inc. 2100mm diameter & culverts)
  • Culvert Works & Retaining Walls
  • Rock Beaching
  • Clay Liner & Topsoil Screening
  • Landscaping Package
  • Concrete Arches
  • Jute Matting
  • Road Realignment
  • Asset Protection Slabs


Screening and processing site won material for re-use in site filling and clay liners was a vital solution to avoid costly export and import costs and lead to significant time savings.

Realignment of Bridge Road was successfully managed through a detour which also helped accelerate the program as it enabled efficiencies in plant movements and enabled many areas of the site to be working concurrently.

Large volumes of rock were encountered throughout the site which we managed thanks to the support of our loyal subcontractors working in tandem with our fleet of heavy machinery capable of handling the toughest of rock conditions.

As with all of our waterways projects, BildGroup implemented a full crew of GPS machinery to ensure all works were are completed accurately and efficiently, while minimising the safety risk of people and plant interaction with traditional surveying processes.



  • BildGroup engaged in proactive risk management reviews with Melbourne Water to ensure our processes were set up right from the start. This enabled works to progress smoothly with no adverse effect on the significant waterways and adjoining cultural heritage zones.


  • As noted above we were able to work in multiple areas at once through careful planning. Our efficient processes and strategies to screen and recondition site won material saved significant time to help us beat our program.


  • Earthworks 28,000m2
  • New Kerb 15,00m
  • New 600m Road Reconstruction
  • Road Crossings > 49 
  • New Paths >3500m2
  • >150m Retaining Walls
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