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Bentleigh East, VIC

Diverting > 50 million ‘end of life’ tyres each year, away from landfill in Australia is becoming a reality with new recycling and reuse initiatives underway. One such process is shredding and granulating tyres, mixing the rubber ‘crumbs’ with asphalt and laying the mix on roads, roundabouts and general road patching.

Bitu-mill’s Asphalt Paving Division were selected by Department of Transport, to lay crumbed rubber asphalt in several locations as part of their crumbed rubber asphalt long term durability testing program.




  • 15,000m2 Profiling
  • 1100 tonnes Asphalt Paving
  • Traffic Management
  • Night Works


  • The reuse of ‘end of life’ tyres has major environmental benefits including landfill reduction
  • The asphalt profiled (cold milled) from degraded roads is collected and then mixed with new material and re-layed
  • Noise suppressed, low emission engines with particulate filters to reduce noise levels and emissions during night works
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