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Wyndham Vale, VIC

Located downstream of major developments in Wyndham Vale, this project required the construction of a retarding basin through major earthworks to deepen an existing basin, and construction of significant structures to support stormwater management and flows from over 1000 house lots in the area.

Working on behalf of a consortium of developers headed by AVID and Wilcon Projects we were able to collectively meet Melbourne Water’s requirements and exceed expectations of all stakeholders even considering adverse weather.



March 2018


November 2018







  • Bulk Earthworks & Desludging
  • Drainage Works
  • Spilway Structures
  • Rock Beaching
  • Clay Liner
  • Land & Vegetation Clearing
  • Jute Matting
  • Sand Filter Trenches
  • Concrete Cut-off Weirs
  • Embankment Filling to ANCOLD Standards


Working in close proximity to neighbouring residents and at the downstream end of a catchment poses challenges which requires detailed planning and a well-resourced and motivated team to make hay while the sun shines.

BildGroup were able to overcome the rocky ground conditions with its fleet of large excavators and also achieved very high productivity in the clay export with our valued subcontractors committing to over 50 truck and trailers per day on many occasions. On our best days we consistently achieved over 10,000 m3 loose which helped us make up for any time lost during storm events.

As with many of our waterways projects we used a suite of GPS machinery which helped us minimise people and plant interaction risks, while ensuring all works were finished accurately and efficiently.



  • The challenging area required significant environmental controls. BildGroup worked closely with Melbourne Water to ensure a positive impact on the environment.


  • Detailed planning, extended work hours and the use of a lot of our own heavy machinery enabled all works to be completed early. This enabled multiple developers to settle lots so their residents could begin building sooner.


  • Earthworks 60,000m3
  • Drainage & Structures
  • Early Titles
  • Cart & Dispose >60,000m3
  • Rock Beaching
  • Live Wetlands
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